2018 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 hour Feb 2-4

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Nath wrote: ......
How livid must BMW be, Chaz showed incredible pace all day and should have won the race easily. Seems he thought it was the 1000 with 10 laps to go and made a rash decision. Felt sorry for bentley and the porsche team/driver.

With an amazing run to the flag about to produce an incredible finish i knew something would ruin the green running.

I can tell you the feeling of everyone on top of the mountain when it was declared was complete disapointment. A crowd who had been their since 4am and were primed for an amazing finish felt gutted and left the circuit feeling extremely unfullfilled. This shouldnt be allowed to happen. I understand there are police processes involved but i believe there was time a plenty to finish a race under green had it been paused and cleaned up. Yes its a timed race, but fans make the race happen and 250,000 (all sources)fans were very unhappy with what transpired.

Having witnessed the flag marshalls at the top all day i can say two things. They need highly trained and mentally/physically capable people. I witnessed confusion between flaggies, old men gesturing angrily and walking between flag points while the track was going back to green because someone wasnt doing something correctly, i also saw youngsters who probably shouldnt be in that position either.

Imho there needs to be multiple lights installed around the entire exterior of the top of the circuit in short intervals so nothing can be missed and the people manning the points which activate these lights have to have better capablilities than what i witnessed.

I also feel the inside walls of the circuit on the apex leading up to where the accident occured and after it could be pushed back without changing the nature of the actual track itself. It would provide more vision on the run through that apex and also prevent the secondary impact that frequently occurs when a car hits both walls.

Dont get me started on the recovery times and processes during the day either...

Chaz has all the prerequisites to become a great driver. As to his chances of becoming a great endurance driver…….Not quite yet! Being fast in a VASC is one thing, being quick in the fastest car over the B12hr weekend is another. Actually getting the Beemer over the line proved beyond him. He is yet to mature as a good sports car racer. As much as many of the top guys in Supercars are capable, they have to do a lot more of this stuff if they are going to go head to head with the best guys in sports car racing. There seems to be a trend forming with the locals, who still seem to have head explosions during this race, yearly. You see this in their post incident interviews. They’ll get it, eventually. I think they have yet to grasp the concept that Supercars aren’t the be all and end all of world motorsports. Perhaps in the bubble of Australian motorsport, they may be.

Your point about the crowd figure? Did you mean to say 25000? In all honesty, there wouldn’t have been anywhere near 250,000 at the last 7 x Bathurst 12H races combined.
If you are talking about TV ratings they didn’t crack the top 20, but peaked out at around 200,000 Australia wide.
Agreed wholeheartedly with your comments re flaggies. These guys are the salt of the earth, but dead set…..what year are we in?? It’s 2018 and the sport that we follow still has a bunch of people waving flags to get the message through. Everyone who was there at the 12 hour this year would have witnessed the confusion that took place all around the circuit by the trackside officials, throughout the race. You can see it any any race, for that matter. It was probably magnified by the magnitude of this years event.
Again….I’m not belittling their intent. Without the flaggies there wouldn’t be any racing as it is, atm. The code 60 discussion has been done to death, but yes, it should be a priority. Lights need to be installed around the whole circuit and should be in place for any major FIA accredited race at any track. Their shouldn't be a need for the quaint old custom of a guy waving a flag at cars doing upwards of 300 kph these days. I still don’t get why they still have a cast of thousands at LM24 doing the flags. It’s time to ditch the sentimentality and adopt the technology that is already in use and available. Apparently, there is no price on safety, or so we are told.

"At the end of the day, endurance racing is the ultimate test for man and machine and that hasn’t changed a bit in the last 50 years" - Chris Amon
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Totally agree with that. I wasn't trackside this year after 2012 - 2017 straight, but 1) After their pre-race interviews, I thought some of the VASC drivers were treating the race as a bit of casual fun before their "real" season started. And 2) perhaps Chaz had a VASC brainfade - because the Supercars are all so equal, any slight window of opportunity must be taken. The concept of waiting for the right moment given the vehicle he was in perhaps didn't occur. Was he being given radio advice???

Referring to Nath's crowd comment, I assume he was combining the quoted TV figures with the quoted 3 day crowd number. So in reality, yes, less than 250K people - let's say 220K. Each and every one of us/them would have been disappointed with the race end, unless they were WRT crew or fans.

I would have finished the race by continuing under safety car until 5:45pm. Boring, maybe, but that just may have shaken the race up by forcing a fuel stop for someone. As brutal as that would have been for any team so affected, it may have given a more honest result. It was supposed to have been a 12 hour race ...
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